New Ideas and Youth to State Senate

I was born and raised in a small town called Haines, Alaska. From there I traveled to Jamestown, North Dakota where I went to College and studied English Fine Arts in Theatre.

I became a Montana citizen in May of 2017. I currently work as a CNA at St. Josephs Medical Center in Polson, Montana.

I love being outside in the great Montana wilderness. This is truly God's country. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful state. A few of my hobbies include hunting, beekeeping, and gardening. Just as I am passionate about hunting and gardening, so too am I passionate about our rights to bear arms, operate free business, and live free the way we so choose.

It's my dream to one day have a lavender and flower farm. With an orchard. And bees. In Montana... Heaven! Magnificent are the dreams we are allowed to pursue in our beautiful State in our wonderful Country. 

Devin Braaten



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